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    In recent years, vegetable exports of our country consistently achieved a high growth rate of over 30% / year, but is dependent on a number of traditional markets such as China (30%), Japan (5 %), Korea (4%), Taiwan (2%) .... The reason is that farming practices in the fruit and vegetable products, in trade transactions and especially the ability to harvest and preserve weak while fruits and vegetables are perishable items.



    For over several hundred years, people in South and South East Asia have been chewing betel nuts prepared in a special package containing mineral lime (alcium oxide) and spices may include clove, cardamom, catechu for extra flavouring and wrapped up in betel leaves. Betel chewing is a tradition through generations.




Banana exports rose double

Banana exports rose double

Banana export market continues to bustle first, the purchase price doubled compared with the end of 2015, and tripled over the same period last year.
Scarce banana exports
Mr. Hanh, nearly half a hectare of banana growers in Dong Nai said, excited about the new beginning of the year the situation was vibrant banana consumption, the purchase price also rose sharply over the same period last year and the end of 2015.

"If this time last year a bunch only cost several thousand dong but now has risen to 100,000 weighing 15-20kg chamber. This year for the fruit are banana, smooth and bright, "he said Hanh.

Vietnam bananas being more popular in foreign markets. Photo: MH.
Talking to VnExpress, Tran List World, owners Biology Tran The (Long Khanh, Dong Nai) said, just two months of the year, but the export orders was intense.

"Recently I was pretty busy with export orders received by enterprises in the country. Special orders from the Middle East, Russia, Japan and more. In just 2 months in the enterprise has exported about 400 tons, "he says and adds World, bananas current prices rose sharply. If this time last year 2000-3000 only a kilo of banana prices, this year prices rose more than 3 times, up VND10,000 a kg, up 30% compared to 2015. This year, the quality of bananas has improved, the importers were quite satisfied with the goods Vietnam. However, since last year, banana prices many farmers reduced planting area, so supply is not high volume. According to World around April to June, bananas will rise sharply as demand outstrips supply.

Also there are several large export orders, the company's director said the banana in Lam Dong, from early this year his company hundreds of tons exported to other demanding markets. "The weather was less favorable this year than any year should care more difficult. However, there are many businesses participating should grow bananas in Lam Dong area is expanded and the quality has improved. Price products also help enterprises and farmers have higher rates, "the company's director on the share.

Not only achieve higher selling prices than the South now, in the North of exports also rose sharply. Mr. Tran Van Can, owners of banana exports in Hung Yen said, this year's export of bananas he can now increase over the same period last year to 3000-3500 tons. Particularly the first 2 months, he has exported nearly 500 tons, mainly to the Middle East.

"If last year are mainly exported to China, this year to the Middle East orders majority. For pink banana selling price of 12,000 dong per kilo, double compared to the western end of 2015. As for bananas 8,000-9,000 dong per kg, the highest in two years, "he will say.

Sharing more about the banana market in recent times, businesses said Vietnam's products are competing fiercely with companies of the Philippines. Many businesses are looking to Vietnam Philippines to produce the desired bananas cost more attractive to compete with Vietnam. Because, recently the market "lucrative" Their being Vietnamese goods '' captured ''.

Currently, the Chinese market, Singapore, Korea and several Eastern European countries are growing banana imports from Vietnam. Banana prices are at attractive levels but still not enough to export goods.

Hong Chau